Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Visa & e-visa tourism to Madagascar

In Madagascar like any other country, rules are essential to fly. Points that we think we know and yet sometimes forget. We will see here how to come to tourism in Madagascar, and the global rules and specific to Madagascar.
For the tourist visa ("Non immigrant") whatever the country, your passport must be valid for still 6 months after the expected return date otherwise you will be denied boarding the plane
The tourist visa in Madagascar has a maximum duration of 2 months (future worker / investor, see the visa transformable, indeed the tourist visa does not allow to work nor to spend investor later).

3 ways to enter Madagascar

  1. Make a request beforehand to the embassy of Madagascar of your country
  2. Set your visa upon arrival at the airport.
  3. Apply online to obtain an e-visa (eVisa)
For Madagascar in particular, to obtain your visa on arrival, you will be asked on the spot:
  • a copy of the GO / RETURN air ticket (IMPORTANT : you can not come with a plane ticket go simple, some countries accept it but not all)
  • The visa fee:
    • Stay from 0 to 30 days: 35 € 
    • Stay of 31 to 60 days: 40 € 
    • Stay from 61 to 90 days: 50 € 
In principle (I can not find the source), the tourist visa can be renewed once, that is to say that you can spend 4 months of vacation in Madagascar at most, it is not legal to do more so do not be surprised to be amended for this kind of extension.

An online Visa for all tourists

No more long queues at the airport after 12 hours of flying, even more for those coming from other continents! Step by step, we guide you on how to get it down

Who can claim to get eVisa?

To date, eVisa is a short-stay single-entry type that can not exceed 90 days. It is therefore valid only for non-immigrants: tourists or business passing through Madagascar.
It is intended for all countries, although the site is currently only available in French.

When to start the application?

You can send your application online 6 months to rather and at the latest, 72 hours before your arrival on the island.

Is it binding?

At all. You still need to spend about 10 minutes filling out the information and questionnaires requested, otherwise the site automatically disconnects you. Prepare the information of your trip beforehand and you will only have to fill.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Holiday in Madagascar - Apply for Electronic Travel Visa Online

Holiday in Madagascar 

Madagascar in one of the best country that you may go on holiday with your family. There is lots to discover there. It is a country rich with animals and nature.  

There are many landscapes that Madagascar has to offer. Visit its villages, cities, regions, as well as its touristic sites, and take part in unique events. Whether you plan on staying two weeks or more to admire some landscapes, or six months to travel the whole country, you will find all the information for a visa madagascar needed to here

Madagascar has some of the world's most interesting animals. About 75 percent of the species found in Madagascar live nowhere else on the planet. Below are some of the better known animals in Madagascar. 

Madagascar is home to some of the unique and unusual species of wildlife in the whole world. The island of Madagascar is home to almost 25,000 species of wild animals with a good number being endangered species. Some of these species of wildlife have been immortalized by cartoon films, but the real animals are far more beautiful and wonderful than what is seen in any of these movies. Most of these species found in Madagascar are endemic, meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Don't delay, grab your plane now and travel to Madagascar. 
To make your visa online, please click on